Sunday, December 03, 2006


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Friday, August 04, 2006

United States Evil Intention Against Saudi Arabia

I have just recieved an e-mail from a trusted source. Truth rang it's bell while lies surfaced and rearranged itself as theory.

As the above-mentioned heading is self-explanatory, Saudi Arabia in particular and the countries forming the Muslim Ummah in general, need to be prepared for the worst that is forthcoming. The economic and social stability is not complete if we don not have massive military power both in terms of defense and offense.
As we have seen in Lebanon and Iraq, the requirement of not only irrevocable defense but of offensive power & strength for the Muslim countries is the need of the hour, otherwise, every Muslim country will have the similar fate as of Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and ,,,,,,,,,, who ever is next!
Now, turning back our attention on the main topic, we first of all need to understand the sequence of the entire step-by-step planning of the enemies. A brief glance at the events that has happened in our surrounding over the past few months will easily determine the fate of our future. So, below-mentioned is the recap of the situation so far: Recap at the most recent events:

1. As the war in Lebanon continues, both America and the West including United Kingdom are trying their level best to break the Muslim Ummahs unity and in this regard, BBC in its news telecast on 3rd August 2006 propagated the US machinerys comments that Iraq is near Civil War! If we closely monitor the situation, we will know that US and the West is trying to start a CIVIL WAR in Iraq that will ultimately remove the world’s focus on Lebanon and consequently, the Muslim Ummah will be divided / un-grouped again! The west believes that once a civil war starts in Iraq, it will spread across the Muslim world just like a fire in the jungle and then there wont be any need to invade any Muslim country, as the fragile internal situation will be enough for easily conquering the country.

2. Analyzing the United States and the Wests last 15 days print and electronic media circulations through newspapers, magazines and news broadcasted on various news channels such as CNN, we dont have to be surprised to know that the US media has given immense coverage to the news that includes even the slightest hint of the involvement of Syria & Iran. This determines that Syria and Iran are United States next targets. US is trying to extend the Lebanon-Israel war beyond its borders to Syria and Iran so that the interests of United States are served while all the humiliation goes into the account of Israel.

3. Along with Syria and Iran, the United States has also started minute actions against Pakistan. Taking advantage of the Lebanons situation, 6 bomb blasts were carried out in Indias railway transportation system, mainly in Bombay, which ultimately suspended the peace process negotiations between India and Pakistan. Indian administration intentionally gives statements that demoralizes Pakistans stand and in reaction to which, Pakistan is also advised by the world power to give rough replies. Under all these circumstances, India has threatened Pakistan of pre-emptive strikes in the Pakistani territories similar to Israels nature. India said that it will attack the Jihadi Camps in Pakistan similar to the ones that Israel is carrying on against Hizbollah in Lebanon. Pakistan has time and again denied existence of any camps and has warned India of unwanted consequences upon such attacks.

4. Under the above-mentioned circumstances, If you look at the US-India nuclear deal then you will clearly feel that US is trying to persuade India to attack on Pakistan similarly to the one that US wants Israel to attack on Syria and Iran. If US succeeds in achieving this then Israel will destroy Syria and Iran while India will attack the backbone of Pakistan and ultimately, 85% of the US plan i.e., objective will be achieved and then only Saudi Arabia will be left.

United States Future Intentions specially against Saudi Arabia:

5. United States will entrap Saudi Arabia in the Oil Crises. The oil prices are increasing day by day while its demand is also drastically increasing. Taking advantage of the current situations, the US multinational oil companies are intentionally increasing the oil prices. Within three to four years from now, the world will not be able to bear the increasing oil prices. The United States will then pressurize the oil traders to reduce the prices which the oil traders will refuse or will fail to reduce the prices as per the desired level. The United States will then attack Saudi Arabia. The entire world will support United States due to oil crises.

6. United States will feel danger from the Muslim World due to the two Holiest Places in Saudi Arabia. US knows that the entire Muslim World will stand with Saudi Arabia in the entire situation due to the Holiest Places. So, US has already taken care of the matter.

7. US, in near future, will introduce a new resolution that will start from Israel. A missile from an unknown place will fall on one part of Masjid Al Aqsa that will ultimately start a new discussion of how to protect the religious places from wars. Through this discussion, the 182 countries of the world will sign an accord that will affirm that no country and no army will attack, under any circumstances, the religious sites of any religion. This accord will also include the two Holiest Places. US will also promise that if anyone attacks the Islamic Worlds holiest places then US will fight against the attacker. After this accord, the Islamic world will be satisfied regarding the safety of the Holiest places.

8. When US will attack Saudi Arabia by 2010, it will declare the Muslims that the attack is only against Saudia and US will not attack any religious site during the entire attacks. The US will assure that its forces will not enter the sacred cities. After these promises and declarations, the Muslim countries will stay away from the entire conflict while US will play the entire game according to its plans.

9. When the US will strengthen its control over Saudi Arabia then a new game will start. Israel will start to acquire various territories including religious places of Saudi Arabia from the United States. Israel will say that many forts and properties of Jews existed in Madina that were occupied by the Muslims 14 hundred years ago so, UN should restore those places back to Israel from the Muslims. After a little enquiry, UN will allot all the claimed places to Israel and Israeli forces will enter the Holy places. When the Muslim countries will complaint to United States regarding the matter then US will declare it a UN’s issue and will affirm self to be sinless.

10. What will happen afterwards? Surely, the Muslims will suffer and more severe measures will be taken for Muslims elimination. So, What must the Saudis & other Muslim Countries must do is to be determined by the rulers and specially the journalists & media!

Is this just another one of those conspiracy theories? Or is there some truth to what is written? Given the certain circumstances of the last 5 years, anything is possible. Especially when the Ummah of Islam is at its deepest slumber yet. I hope that we can awaken and fight back. All those notions of despair and hoplesness must be abandoned. We as Muslims must stand as one. Every Muslim all over the world. Every Muslim of every tongue and gender. Of every sin and hate. Of every love and cherish. Please.

Please let us for once put aside our piety differences and stand against whatever may face us in the future, because the war on Islam is growing ever more so. And we are not yet prepared. People this is a war against Islam. You can not pretty it in anyway. One by one Muslim countries have fallen and in the hands of our enemies. Every single war, every single battle, every single bullet, every single blow, all lame excuses have ever followed after previous attacks.

Until when will we continue with our idiotic ways, and busy ourselves with hating ourselves? Until when?

I doubt Makkah and Al-Madinah Al-Munawara will be so ever even closely touched, because there is a Higher Power protecting our Sacred cities. Allah, subhanaha o ta'ala. It is even ridiculous to even think so.

I'm leaving for Al-Madinah tomorrow, I have missed Al-Habeeb, I have missed the serenity of the Rawadah and the holiness and soothing feeling of Al-Munawara. I will pray for us all, every single Muslim, you are all close to heart. I will pray and pray and pray. And hopefully have time to rearrange my series of thoughts, because at this rate, I'm close to losing my sanity and loved ones.

God Bless
Um Siraj Al-Dien

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Happily Ever After

That's how everything ends, happily ever after. The good guys always win, always.

Palestine, Liban, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia, glory will find us once again.

It started with once upon a time and will end with happily ever after.
Time, faith and unrelenting prayer.

Happily Ever after.
Happily ever after.
Happily ever after.

Hopefully soon to be ,,, The End

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oops I gone done it again, and again and again

Awww yall I haven't seen you guys in quite a while.

(Mmm Hmm you tell 'em girl.
Now listen up, ka ka.
3aib ya wad i7na fozna 3aliahum 2 9ifir.
na un they won.
SHut up ho, we won.
No we did not.
Yes we did and you know what?
Yo mama.
Mmmm hmm .
God Lord you had that comin on.)

Shut up Brain let me talk.

Yes where were we. oh yeah, I am depressed people. Honestly, like to good ole sparkles depressed. The blogsphere has lost its class, well it's been lowered to a very depressing state, I can tell yall that. People have no morals, they think they are all RIGHT. And to make things worse most think its cool, (1994 cool, sweet cakes being a total slut wont give u extra points, honey bun proving your masculinity by being something other then yourself won't get you the sluts, wait yes it will,,, continue continue)

I don't know what most are trying to prove other then they are totally worthless pieces of smudgy ecky hershey kisses that no one wants and end up under my baby brothers sneakers.
But do carry on. You seem to have an audience. And they seem to be enjoying it. And I love laughing at those hysterical individuals who think they got it on, when in reality my 2 year old has way better sense then all 15 put together, ouch, that was worse then a yo mama)

But if I may speak for us conservative folks that love our religion TO DEATH, then have a little tiny ounce of modesty and think twice before you type. Because that tiny little angel on your left shoulder is dotting down every single thing you say and do. (Still jotting)

(a very mean thing was supposed to be written here, but -censorship- does wonders to -censored)

All I'm saying you people is think twice before ranting, because that's all it is , raves.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Confessions, The innocence of lying. By a wanton virgin.

Number one:
Lie. Lie. Lie.
Its the only talk worth listening to.

Number two:
Always take into consideration others feelings.
You never know when you might need to devastate them completely. When taken aback by surprise people will surpass all your expectations of being emotionally destroyed.

Number three:
Oh please don't hate! Hate is so piety. Just Kill swiftly. Don't tire yourself with such horrid emotions. If worry causes wrinkles than pray tell what would hate do? Oye, just to think about it.

Number four:
Silly bitch, smile and walk away, smile and walk away.

Number five:
Disturbed people are fun people!
Let's party the night away!

Number six:
Never ever swear.
Its so Fucking cliche!

Number Seven:
Good girls are always the baddest.
Where as bad girls are the whorest.

The wanton virgin arises.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

What's happening to the world today?

Anywhere and everywhere there are corrupted souls.
But haven't people nowadays gotten ever more so rotten?
No longer are there the sweet souls that bare innocent thoughts.
Everyone tries to out win the other and crush them with their mighty feet.
What happened to the times when you wished the same happiness for others as yourself?
Why the hate? Why the jealousy? Why the uncalled for actions?
Muslims, Jews, Christians all interwined into one web of lies.
The media playing out a little play strung of a web of complete lies.
The passionate actors so happily foretell the guided story oh so well.
So devoutly well, that we the people turn against each other.
No longer is it against other races and religions, but against ourselves as well.
Muslim against Muslim. Father against daughter. Husband against wife.
Lies, hatred and betrayal.
Dishonesty, black hearts and denial.
Minds brainwashed to the extent of no return.
Never let hatred consume you.
Be stronger than that.
Wish the best, hope the best.
Love others as you would yourself.
Never has a good deed gone to waste.
Be the better person.
Do the good deed.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Annoyances of current

Saudi Arabia does not suck.
The people who think it does do.
Speaking English fluently does not mean you are educated and your opinion is never more important than others, nor will it ever be right, get over it.
Whining and complaining won't get you anywhere, so please do stop, it's starting to annoy us rather immensely.
If you don't like something do something about it.
Bit by bit, one by one, things will change, stop acting like cowards and make things better, we control our lives even if it might be a tiny piece of it.
If your a MUSLIM act LIKE ONE!
Sexual encounters before marriage are just wrong. Don't try to justify them.
God gave us a brain, use it wisely, otherwise your no different then the pathetic lizard in my backyard.
A little of this and a little bit of that GOES a LOONG way.
Tolerance is a must.
Being nice will make others be nicer.
It wouldn't hurt you to smile a bit now would it?
I'm never going to cover my face again. Unless absolutely necessary (You stupid bedu boys stop staring at me)
I have had it with 39% of you.
The other 61% I haven't met yet.
Wallahi WAllahi WAllahi, If one more person gasps in shock when they learn I'm married and have a 2 year old son, I will do the unspeakable.
I married by MY CHOICE! I LOVE MY HUSBAND! And continue to love him more each day.
Get over it. Or at least resume to your meaningless lives and butt out of mines.
I'm going to have 12 children just to spite you.
Jealousy is so sad, its unbecoming stop before it overcomes you and stares back at you in the mirror. Green never looked good on anyone.
Makkaweys rock. p-e-r-i-o-d.

Try Try Try and even try harder you might become worth our while. Ahh who am I kidding you won't ever amount to anything so spare humanity your failures and continue being a smudge of dirt on our sweaty forehead.

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"Women are supposed to be LOVED not UNDERSTOOD"
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