Monday, October 31, 2005

Escapades at King Khalid international

11 more days ya hooo, just 11 more days inshalla and I'll be home sweet home. Riyadh balad al7abayab, gaya dana gaya areeb.

Reminiscing over previous times of coming and going to KSA, I've come to the conclusion that sometimes excitement can be your worst enemy.
Last time out of pure and sheer happiness and excitement, I forgot to bring my Abaya!!
I usually wear it once handing over my passport and check in, in Zurich_Airport.
So after handing my passport and getting it stamped, I headed straight to the ladies room to change, to my utter surprise I couldn't find my precious. Looking and searching as I may, it was no where to be found.

No Biggie, it wasn't like it was the first time I forgot it, nor the second, yes my darlings it was the THIRD time in a ROW!

I must admit the first time I forgot to bring it along I was devastated, embarrassed and blushing to my toes. The second time was the same, because I felt like a complete idiot, twice, I thought. Who forgets their Abaya twice? The looks and stares I got were enough to make me blush forever, thankfully both those times I wore white and seemed to look like a Hajji, a Syrian wannabe.
The security men kept staring as did every other male in the airport (FASHEELA WALLA FASHEELA). Do I blame them? Of course not, heck even women thought me ,,,, odd.

Covered in my Fuschia headscarf, matching pumas, white long shirt and jeans, I was truly a sight to behold and better yet carrying Sarooji around like an accessory.

Now my beautiful mama comes to the rescue, and just in time. She managed to talk her way into baggage claim, exclaiming to the officer that well, my daughter came all the way from Switzerland and the unbelievable genius she is, forgot her abaya. He let her in and even pointed to me, mama came running to me and covered me with kisses and the abaya at the same time. :")

Just when all was well, we get to the baggage check area, and I have a duffel bag filled with chocolate, now we wait for the super inspection, alcohol or no alcohol that is the question.

Mama is not a patient person by nature, so this is what she says to the inspector officer:
" Do you really think that a Muslim woman with a CHILD, would smuggle alcohol? I'm ashamed that thought would even cross your mind! ASHAMED! You should know what kind of people would do that. How long have you worked here son? While trying to answer mama cut him off.
I hope you would never think such a thing again."

And she reaches in the duffel bag and hands him 2 boxes of chocolates and a smile. This is for you ya walady, and off we go finished with the baggage inspection and in the back of the car.
And I'm thinking mama you rock.

Moral of the story never forget your Abaya and extra goodies never hurt anyone.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

The four seasons of the year in Switzerland.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005


kick-ass Farooo7a tagged me and yalla, les get it ON:

Favorite Color: Baby Pink, always! But right now; GOLD.
Favorite Food: it really depends on what im craving at the moment,
Favorite Month: Ramadan, ya hoo.
Favorite Song: a7ibik lo, 6alal madda7, allah yir7amu.
Favorite Movie: I love egyptian movies, black and white, ah ya 2alby true love existed back then.
Favorite Sport: dancing, if thats considered a sport.
Favorite Season: Summer and it has to be HOT!
Favorite Day Of the week: Friday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate chip dough
Favorite time of Day: After Siraj has gone to sleep and mafeey dosha. allah yi7fathu

Current Mood: Mita7msa, hyper and anxious.
Current Taste: toothpaste
Current Clothes: (balash fadaye7 :S)
Current Desktop: sorat al Ka'aba
Current Toenail: color? if color then no color
Current Time: 11 pm

First Best Friend: Elemntry: Mouzna and Sara, Middle school: Nebras, Highschool: Fara7
First Kiss: 3ad balashi as2la gilat adab
First Screen Name: cute godess, and yes it was spelled that way, UMM AL FASHEELA
First Pet: A turtle we found in our back yard after the rain. I was 9 my sister 7 ,,,and evil! we use to scare our nanny with it and by the time she passed out, my mama gave us a good spanking and made us return it back to the woods THE SAME DAY!:(
First Piercing: Ears, I was a month old I guess.
First Crush: Nawaf, he was hot najdi and oh so cute.
First Album: salt and pepper (whatta man whatta man, whatta mighty good man, yes he is now). And Snoop Dogg, my parents got me them, they are THAT COOL!!!

Last Cigarette: ummm, a month ago I guess. habgat ya nas
Last Drink: twingings tea, thats good tea yall,,,
Last Car Ride: 3 hours ago, just returned from Lausanne and had futtor in the park, 5a6ara it was fun 7amdella
Last Kiss: Sarooji good night
Last Movie Seen: Batman Begins, marra 7lew
Last Phone Call: Mamaty 7abeebat galby :*
Last CD Played: Tawfeeg Al-9ayi'3 sorat alkahf in the car

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: I'm married t my best friend does that count? awwwwwwww :**
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Nope, good girl all the way *evil smirk*
Have You Ever Been Arrested: aish hada? americas most wanted?
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: No comment
Have You Ever Been on TV: Yes and for the stupidest reasons; the most recent when The today show decided to do a documentary on Saudi Arabia,
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Hasn't every good Arab done that? And I meant like in a 3azooma.

Thing You're Wearing: I'll tell you my footwear, UGGaustralias, heaven made, so comfortably comfortable.
Thing You've Done Today: cooked foul, rearranged the living room, almost finished knitting Sirajs scarf and finally doing this tag.
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: cars coming and going
Thing You Can't Live Without: Siraj, he is my EVERYTHING, literally. Jarab a7ad yilmasu I'll bite scratch and kick. My motherly insticints kick in when I'm with my lil darling.
Thing You Do When You're Bored: Take a bubble bath and drink twingings tea. My new addiction.

1. home
2. Lausanne
3. dvd rent place thingiee
4. ummm,,,, the playground.

1. BA3ley
2. mamaty
3. and 3 more closest people,,,*fair*

1. Black or White: I likeWhite, its such a pure and innocent color
2. Hot or Cold: HOT! I like my drinks hot, water hot, everything has to be HOT!

Have all of my sons and daughters to become the new Sala7 al Deins.
And I plan on having many many children inshalla.

Now moi tags:
deedz, rimyoleta, hibba, se3loah and itachi

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Embrace, Cherish and Care

For the past few months, I have been self absorbed. From the beginning of the summer and my only thoughts were of how to make my family better financially and more secure in the future.
My mind constantly in battle thinking, worrying, and hoping for what I dearly want. Willing for it to come true, yet terribly scared of what it might hold.

Last week a friend of my husbands invited us over for Futtor. He is of Tunisian origin, and the 2nd eldest of 5 boys and one daughter. Once we entered their home a bustling of happy chattering greeted us in the tiny apartment. We were welcomed warm-heartedly.

Their parents were well over their 50's yet bubbling with enthusiasm and energy. Asking us about this, telling us about that and "ya ahlan wa sahlan in between every other sentence".

The mother and I kept busy in the kitchen (her only daughter married this summer and moved to Germany) and you know what they say; "can't bond more then over a hot stove".
So we got to talking over almost everything while stressing over trying to serve futtor on time.

After having broke our fast and finally sitting down to have a hot cup of coffee. She poured her heart out. Literally telling me everything about her life, hardships and endurings that made her go on.

"Did you know that we came to Switzerland 6 years ago?
That we left our country and family and relatives because we are not allowed to practice Islam?
Did you know that they pull the scarves right out of the women's head in the middle of the street, if they found them covered?
We left our country, our home our family and everything we hold dear, and immigrated to Switzerland.
We are looked at as over stayers, we are unwanted of course, yet no one would dare say it to our face.
All this and still I'd give up a million times more , over and over just to practice Islam the way it should be.
My husband is part time Imam at the masjid, three of my sons attend university medicine/law/media and arts. I wear my Hijab proudly as does my daughter.
"Al-Hamdolila", I couldn't ask Allah for more, I have everything.
I lost a lot but gained tremendously more."

I sat in silence, thinking how this woman had gone through so much and still polishes her smile every day so it shines more then the last. How she has to stay strong and maintain her dignity and support her husband and children. She had done a great job, to see such young men who really are MEN, is undeniably a pleasure.

Every day women and men like her go through Hell and back, burned ripped and exhausted. But look hopefully at the next day, knowing that some way some how things will get better.

I kept thinking how we in the land of the Holy Mosques, want to be more open want more so called "women's rights". When we don't take the time to look at others. To TRULY imagine ourselves in their position. Visit the poor see how the live, what they eat, every little tid bit. When it all comes down to that, and we have bothered to take a little of our time and contributed to look at theirs, what do you think THEY really want? Not us the happy clan, who bicker and pout at the latest thing. No, its not about us anymore, we really are blessed whether most would admit it or not.

If we want to build a nation so strong, bonded by love and respect, all must benefit. We should look at the less fortunate and give them a chance. We the people, not Al-Saud, blame them all you want, it won't change a thing. It won't make any ones life better.

Everyone sins, no one is perfect. Let's get over that fact.

Embracing righteousness and modestly continuing yet cherishing our Religion Islam, all at the same time could never turn against us.

Embrace, Cherish and Care.
The three magic words that will take us to the top.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

The unconventional way of being perfect

Take is as it comes, for it will always be hurled your way. If you are smart envelop in the pain and let it grow on you. Feel the blood rush through your head, numbing all senses. Yes my sweet, in order to be perfect you must endure. Think patience if you will.

Patience is precious. Patience is more precious than a basket filled with diamonds.

Diamonds are a girls best friend. Diamonds are forever.

But your diamonds can not love you; your diamonds can not cherish you. Being perfect, will take to the highest levels of convenience, shut up and continue.

I love shiny, glittery, pretty things. I love pink. It is such a relaxing color, so feminine and girly. Pink is a color that should be handled with care, and not abused. Pink and diamonds go lovely together.

Pink and diamonds are PERFECT.

(The author has been submitted to dire pressure these days and might sound er,,, unstabile at the moment. She is perfectly fine given that she just drinks tea all night and wears pink, otherwise all is well. She is not high, just hyper.)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Female Driving x Public transportation

I will be quick and get to the point, because I am utterly exhausted over the never ending debate of this issue. It is as if the only subject that should be brought to our attention, the only issue that should be raised always, and be solved immediately, hence given a Royal Decree at this SPECIFIED moment.

When comparing both allowing women to drive and bettering the Public transportation, I personally would go for the latter. Is it not we are searching for other means to come and go, to have the relative comfort of going to work/school/etc WITHOUT hassle.

Public transportation will benefit us in many, many ways.
Three types of buses should be distributed; a male bus, female bus and FAMILY bus.
The buses would be available for going to many places, work, colleges, malls and drop offs to neighborhoods.

Let us focus now on cheaper, faster and better for the environment.
No more endless traffic always. No more “fein alsawag?” No more spending so much of the countries petrol over SUV’s that go round and round the streets, prior to having had glanced a smile from a “FEMALE”!

When talking about rights and musts and have to`s. Lets sets our priorities straight and more beneficially active that will help most of the country.

I truly can not wait for women driving, but I would rather focus on more important issues. Transportation should be considered as a main concern

Everything will come in time when people are ready.

Forcing such HUGE radical changes, will create chaos and unneeded set-backs.

We have come so far, and are still continuing to grow. Looking at other countries and comparing what they have and we don't is plain childish. NOTHING THATS WORTH HALF A RIYAL came for free, whinning and complaing never gets you want you want.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The King and ABC

The first ever interview after he took the throne, King Abdallah and Barbara Walters, are on tape for the viewing pleasure of you beautiful audience (Barbara, astonishingly that name means harj kateer o fady bil Hejazi,,,ya Omy bss zawadey rrrrrrrrr).

The transcript of King Abdallah's interview with Barbara Walters; courtesy of Leeno's finding it :)

The man is being interviewed by THE BARBARA WALTERS! We all know what that means, mix and bubble I smell trouble. She is interviewing him for the first time after being king. Lots of questions that are bound to spark controversy. Ey5.

BUT, it was actually a kick-ass interview that defiantly showed promise.

At 82 years old he had dignity and responded quite eloquently. I've just read the transcript and seen a little bit of the interview, but I was pleased. I liked the way he answered the questions, clearly he seems to be a man determined. He has a vision and wants to see it bloom before his eyes.

I had two Boody moments (3ala goltik ya fara7):

1- When asked about women driving this was his reply:
"I believe strongly in the rights of women,,, my mother is a woman, my sister is a woman, my daughter is a woman, my wife is a woman. I believe the day will come when women drive. In fact, if you look at the areas in Saudi Arabia, the deserts and in the rural areas, you will find that women do drive The issue will require patience. In time, I believe it will be possible."
It wasn't the issue itself that tugged at me, but his earnest and heartfelt reply and show of emotion, he cares and it shows.

2- When Barbara said: " You can not just make a Decree that women drive?"
And he replied *m3 far9a3a sa'3eera* "I value and take care of my people as my eye" and pointed towards his eye while exclaiming his point.
Tislam 3ainak ya Gamar. Now if that aint cute then I just don't know what is.

A lot of intresting topics were covered. Read the transcript you won't be dissapointed.

Allah yi36eek al 3afiya Ya Sokar.:****

On a wierder note:
Paris Hilton wants to make good with former bf/ Nicole Richie. She was accting "petty" her friends say ...... REALLLY?
I just bought vogue, elle, and vanity fair magazines. I promised myself no more bss ... those damn things are addictive.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ma it5afu Rabakum twice in 1 DAY!

Tagged Again:

Seven things I plan to do:
1- Get a BA in media and arts.
2- Have 10 children or just Sarooji, it all depends on how Mr. BLING BLING treats us in the future
3- Work in the UN. SHut up I want to, malakum da5al.
4- Be a kick-ass female journalist
5- Build my own mansion in 12 years time.
6- Get my masters after my BA,
7- Yallah what the hell, GET A BOOB job, everyone's doing it!

Seven things I can do:
1- Cry,,,, whenever I want, to get what I want :P
2- Be realllllllllly nice.
3- Cook Foul and KAbsa to Die FOR
4- I can read a novel in one day
5- LISTEN , I really Listen when people talk, unless its reallly boring than i just block or faint :P
6- Multitask- I'm a mama for goodness sake what did u think?
7- I can do it alll :)

Seven things I can't do:
1- Speak French Fluently, I still suck at it, M A J O R
2-Lie with a straight face.
3- Wear brown it makes me even whiter, which is like being invisible to
4- Stop Blushing at the most stupidest times.
5- Change my mind when its made up
6- Try to feel Good when I'm feeling terrible
7- Stay away from Makkah and Madinah, I have to go their at least twice a year.

Seven things I say most often:
1- Ohhhhhh
2- Awwwww
3- Wai ( DeeDee I think it a 7ijazi thing loool)
4- marrrrrrrrrra
5- ya nasoooo , cute
6- Siraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj NOOOOO!
7- Kick-ass ( I think its my new favorite word )
I just freaked out when read the most said words, Eyyyw( I say that a lot too) , trust me I'm not a speaking Barbie. I'm a black wannabe, still am always will be :P

Seven people I want to pass this tag to:
Lets go crazy the Whole freaking Blog Cooperation is tagged

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


DeeDee Al- Lazooza tagged me ,,, here it goes :

1. Last movie you saw in a theater:Madagascar in FRENCH and we only stayed for an hour!

2. What book are you reading?The holy Qura'an

3. Favorite board game?Monopoly

4. Favorite magazine?Time and Newsweek, and sometimes vanity fair

5. Favorite smell? My Daddy(He smells heavnly always, every man should smell like him)

6. Favorite food? cheese fondue ( a Swiss traditonal food that consists of melted cheese in cute pot thingie that you dip bread in and eat, of course pickled onions are a must, and tea as the drink makes all the better :))

7. Favorite sound?Saroooji Sleeping

8. Worst feeling in the world?When I’ve done something wrong and the other person won’t forgive me

9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?Siraj

10. Favorite fast food place? Hot dog express

11. Future child's name?6aha for a boi and Judy for a gurl

12. Finish this statement. If I had a lot of money:I’d be

13. Do you drive fast?I don’t drive at all :S

14. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Yes, but not with, next

15. Storms, cool or scary?Sea storms or weather storms? What kinda storms? Neways Scary

16. What was your first car?Barbie madrey aish car, it was pinkie and adorable

17. Favorite drink?pina colada and Grapillon Rouge sans alchol( marra yummy )

18. Finish this statement, "If I had the time I would..." :Travel more , much much more

19. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?Yes

20. I f you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?Blonde, bss not peroxide blonde , ya3ne the dark Golden color (habga jaytane )

21. Name all the different cities/ towns you have lived in? In order; (Jeddah), (Cairo,)(Washington D.C, Vienna, VA), (Riyadh), (Bulle, Switzerland)

22. Half empty or half full?Half full :D

23. Favorite sports to watch?Umm , not a sports fan, does Ma Ilak Illa Haifa count? Lol

24. One nice thing about the person who tagged you?Angelic *hugs*

25. Morning person, or night owl?I’m more of a morning person, bss not these days :(

26. Over easy, or sunny side-up?I like em both

27. Favorite place to relax? By the sea side and the breeze is cool and the sun is close to setting ( I miss Jeddah !) And lakes don’t count.

28. Favorite pie? Chocolate Pie with sugared raspberries on top

Everyone is tagged!

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rania EL-Baz A threat to OUR Society?

Here we go Again and Again and Again, this women just can't get enough!

Click Here for the full story.

She's making the most of her five minutes of fame, Ya5eey She's trying to extend it to 5 decades of the Jerry Springer Show.

She feels she is "unsafe" in Saudi anymore so she did what any person threatened might do , flee the county in a lorry filled with food and leave her three children behind. Yes, any decent person might do that. Just abandon your children in the country you feel unsafe in, and head to Paris so you can attend that women's rights conference. Whoop-dee-doo gurl power that is.

In a world filled with hypocrites, critics, and Oprah we stand out like a red slick of pretty tarnished lipgloss. Everyday, the press and world seems to conjure more ways to make Saudi Arabia look like a closed tent filled with tiny covered rabbits being swallowed alive by Anacondas.

Reality check, please spare us the sympathy, and see our achievements. Our women are kick-ass, hands down, no contest. We comply with our religions orders, we are respectable, we don't use our bodies to promote selling "items" ( please spare me the drama, you know I don't mean prostitutes, because they are everywhere!). And most amazingly of all is that we can actually juggle two careers are once! Super women eat your heart out. We can and will and will and will!

So when little things get in our way, we will fight back. We won't accept insignificant little ouch-lings. Let her go to Paris or London. Let her believe she is the voice of Saudi women. Anyone who has half a brain would know that true accomplishments come from real work, from the sweaty foreheads and life long dreams turned reality. From true GOOD intentions that will a person to the highest extent. Those are our Saudi women who deserve acknowledgment, that deserve praise to its highest standards.

So excuse me if I might hold a tiny bit of disdain to a women who serves to feed the world off negative approach.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ramadan Kareem Ya 7abaybi

Ramadan , Ramadan, Ramadan.

The holiness, the sweetness, the purified, cleansed feeling that one gets during this precious month, makes me wish that all year round was Ramadan.

The air smells better, the people feel better, and good golly gosh we even get nicer.

Everything about Ramadan is perfect. The prayer, the love that vibrates all around and the smiles that give off true joy.

It's truly a family time of year. A Muslim time of year when we actually set our diffrences aside and come closer.

Lets try extra hard this year to make the best of it, pray more, read quraan more and just be realllllly really GOOD !

Ya rab Yideem 3alaina ni3mat Ramadan, o yiheddena o yi9li7na o tiyoob 3aliana fey hada alshahar alkareem :)

Kol sana o intum 6aibeen ya 7lween : *

This Ramadan I'm thankful for having so many new people in my life. And more thankful for having the best of freinds still in my heart. I'm thankful for every scratch and every smile, for every giggle and every tear that I have ever recieved and ever given.

I'm just gonna give a teeny weeny shout out to the people I really adore`;
-Mama and Baba I love you and miss you sooooo much it hurts just looking at your pictures. I really wish I was safely snuggled in our home.
-My sisters and hot lil brother, just be good this once, and Dania and 3azooz stop fighting for the love of god, your driving mama crazy.
-Fara7 ya wi7sha when I called u the other day (not sleeping the whole day before) and could'nt even get a wink after we hung up. I reaaallly miss you, I miss everthing about you, but mostly your sweetness and kick-ass sense of humor. (And I miss your moms Jareesh :"( and I also missed abla hind loool)
- Da3doo3aty ya sokaraty bosa kabeera.
- And everyone in this whole entire world :)

Take care you all and a happy new year ( wallah this damn ending of the merry xmas song is stuck in my mind !!?)

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"Women are supposed to be LOVED not UNDERSTOOD"
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