Friday, November 25, 2005

I have seen the light, 10 things I've never noticed before in Riyadh

1- Riyadh is U-G-L-Y.
No shit, not literally. They are litter bugs, you take one look on the gravel, rock, sandy, street filled with garbage and filth and can tell how no one cares about hygiene.

Each and every person should pick up after themselves.
If you just had a shawrma from Mama Noura, then please notice on your left a lovely basket tin which is known for throwing unwanted specifics, it won't take a second of your time and we'll make Riyadh cleaner city on

2- There are just too many MALLS!
Everywhere I look, right, left a mini mall huge mall or just tacky boutiques seem to pop out of no where!

Businessmen should be creative and think of new ways for our country to bloom. I think we have enough malls in Riyadh itself to satisfy a Yemen as a country! Focus on other necessities man, because Fasialiah and Al-Mamlaka are the only malls worth going to. They say "If you can not bite the hand then kiss it".

3- There is nothing for our children and youngsters to do!

Aha ok so now I get why there are so many malls.

4- There is a new Abaya fashion.
I find it a good improvement over the other kinds of Abaya over the years. It actually covers the body humbly as well as giving the sense that the girl is floating in farasha land. It is loose and light all over the body but has a secure hold from wrist to elbow. Beautiful

There is none it is a great way to look fashionable yet modest at the same time.

5- All over Riyadh I see children, YES, children no more than 11 and 14 driving in the streets.
Personally, I was shocked when I saw such a huge amount of little boys' behinds the wheels of SUVS. Most of those boys' dreams is to own a fab car and drive round and round sporting

Where do I start? There are so many and it depends on the family's circumstances. For starters spreading awareness does wonders. And who in the right mind lets their preteen drive?

6- Girls flirting openly more then before!!
Guys numbering is so cliché. What is in now, is girls numbering and searching for that hot buba. Or maybe it is just a girls night out, who knows.

Ladies have some dignity, men are supposed to do the chasing and courting not us feminine delicate creatures. Baby where's the Glory?? Sheeesh ma sarat.

7- Twinings Tea has invaded my families' habits!!
Ok so this has nothing to do with Riyadh itself rather my family that lives in Riyadh (can you see the connection?) Anywho lets welcome mama and my little sister in the club of Twinings addicts. Yes they are both hooked on that divine drink. My father thinks we have turned weird and says my little sister has enough of that. An " Allah yihdeeki ya Anwar everytime he passes by my little sisters room and finds us giggling silly.

Sweetie the only solution I have is for you to try it. Damn good tea appointed by the queen herself. It is not an addiction really,,,, just a mood starter.

8- Why are Abayas black?

My hubby once had a heated discussion with a classmate over Muslim women and how "oppressed they are in Islam". His words in offence: "Men wear the white thobes and women the black Abayas, in the scorching heat who will suffer the most? And doesn't the color white represent purity and wholeness and Black Death and repression?" The poor thing thinks we walk around in the mid-afternoon carrying around sacks of wool and liters of water. We go from car to building, building to car to home. But he still had a point.

Let us be the color of rainbows; pink, yellow, white and light green should spread like wildfire across the desert of Arabia. Let us be conservative butterflies scattered in the golden sands, dancing in the scorching winds, fluttering our wings and dashing away…
Fara7 I am sensing a major theme for your book, or just a plain haza yameen haza shimal ya bt ;) Fulla and Yazmina shake what their mama gave them ,,, aywah :P

9- There is no nine skip to ten.

10- Bloggerattes!!!
I have meet two of the most adorable girls ever, and guess what they live in Riyadh (la ya shai5a).

Super MO and Mochness monster. Both down to earth fun loving girls, Adorable and Fabulous wrapped up in a raspberry green tea frappacinno and mocha. We meet on Wednsday and had such a great time. Even though they left early we had a blast. We saw Mona Suliman (That’s her name sa7? Wala monira?) The chick from "Kalam Nawa3im" I wanted to take a picture with her, bss ma zab6at al 7ikaya. And Mochness actually studied with her!!! Yaaay great time good fun and plain highness 3ala o9ulu :P

I would just like to say to both of them innu I was soo high that day on tea so I am usually not that hyper and frizzy loool.

Aish hada sarat li3ba… There is none of course, other then we have to meet up every now and then cause you guys rock :)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Al7agu 10 wala million riyal

Two hours ago something unspeakable happened!
Let us rewind and go back to that time shall we;

Sitting at the dinner table and eating mama's divine cooking and slowly savoring homemade lemonade with just a hint of mint and loads of ice, just as I took my first sip, my little brother asked:

Azoozi: Anwar how much did *Abah buy you for?

I started to choke on my lemonade, from laughter and shock and sweet lord he just looked adorable while asking.

Moi: Habeebi, you do not BUY women. I think you were referring to the mahar (dowry) of the bride ya galby.
When a man wants to get married he has to prove that he is able to and also it shows the place of the women in Islam. They are worthy beings not objects like most of what the west describe us.

Azoozi: Ahhh ok, so how much were you for?

Moi: Habeebi (somewhat irritated), I was NOT bought ya galby, ya sokar, ya 3asal (fake smile plastered on my face)

Azoozi: I'm sure you were worth a lot, cuz you are soo pretty. (Shy smile awwww)

Moi: Awww Azoozi,,,, Wait, you think the prettier the girl the more she's worth?

Azoozi: Ya, Haifa wahbi was bought for 2 MILLION DOLLARS , ya5eey katheer.

Moi: Kathab mn jd 2 million?? Why Billahey? She is ugly man.

Azoozi: I know ya5ee, bss alshabab think she is hot.
Wallah ana 7atzawaj atzawj bnt alwadi, be 10 riyal, bnt tinathif o ti6bu5 o bil bagey hummer.

LoooooooooooL since when did my little baby brother grow up and know all this stuff??? Since when Billahey???? Given that most of the information is wrong, and mama straightened out his "dowry" facts. And in the end mama convinced him otherwise,,, yaaay Go mama.

It is official I'm afraid, my little brother has turned into a typical Riyadh Girwey… ha ha ha

On a happier note:
Tomorrow us bloggerattes in Riyadh will meet up :)
So far we have, fair, mochness, $uper Mo, pastico and me.
So if there are any more fab gurls out there in Riyadh holler back gurl and we'll add u guys to the VIP list,,, i5999 :P

I just want to say I can't wait to meet you guys and marra yaaay, ya rait the jeddah girls were with us :( inshalla nest time

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Betrayal and Lies

Once upon a time there lived three beautiful sisters. They all loved each other dearly and were pampered endlessly by their father, loved unconditionally by their mother and Life could not have been better.

Those three sisters had a beautiful cousin who was their age. They shared secrets and dolls, and held pretend tea parties every afternoon. Laughter, happiness, bliss and content is what the world held for them.

Years passed by and their beauty grew with every passing day. The three sisters had pure cleansed souls that couldn't hold a grudge at anyone or anything, the cousin grew malicious and conniving. Envy flood through her veins like waves of hot lava. Yet she was to cover that evil trait with smiles and kisses.

Like most girls their age, they noticed their beauty and its effect on the opposite sex. Giggles escaped their lips as young men stopped to stare and admire. If brave then sweet talk to gain heavenly attention from angels sweet such as they.

Like caterpillars they metmorphed into colorful butterflies, they took notice to that attention and longed for more. LOVE. They longed to be held, longed for sweet nothings to be whispered softly in their ears under the moon-lit night. They struggled endlessly with themselves against such tempted desires, and grew weak at the mere thought of such unknown feelings.

One of the girls in particular was sassy and temptation was not an issue. She feared nothing and no one, not a lady-like trait I suppose. It led her to the forest and she strayed from her fairy-tale life. The dear girl ended up with a broken heart and a cruel look into the real world. Her sisters held her in their arms and hugged the hurt away. She vowed never again will she mingle with the opposite sex and love before marriage.

The cousin did not understand what sin the sister had committed and wound up more envious and greener with jealousy. How it could it be possible that one of the sisters fall in love before her? How could it be possible that a man should look twice over her and pick the sister? The Devil is clever son of a gun, and over and over he would spin such evil thoughts into the cousin's mind, much un-needed wicked thoughts, indeed.

Three years passed and with it more lovers then the cousin could remember. For she turned into a witch of a women. Eight lovers at hand, she is the most beautiful of all she thought. All is well once more.

Vanity is a sin, far more than most, for she lived a lie, never experiancing true love as she thought. Rather swimming in the pool of want, lust and attention.

Her once Angelic spirit rose to heaven and an evil soul was replaced. The sisters warned her, urged her to redeem and come to the light. She lived in the land of the fairies and purity was a must. She had exceeded her number of wrong doings and would be forced to kneel soon to Satan and give her precious. Sooner or later it would be, and the sisters dreaded it hopelessly. Try as the might, they advised and warned her, for they cherished her still. But she was not one to listen.

The hateful day had come, one the sisters had warned her of continuously. She was caught red-handed with her lover under the moon light in his arms while he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Her brother had seen it all and oh pity what a grave she had dug for herself.

She was in a state of frenzy and panic, near hysterics and grief. She remembered her dear 3 cousins and the dire warnings and pleading eyes. She remembered their pleas and sweet kisses. She remembered it all.

Satan being clever as he is, strung a tale in her mind, one that was sure to get her out of the cookie jar.

*Now the father of the cousin and the father of the sisters were at her confession as well as the cousin's brother*

THE SISTERS! She yelled while pretty sparkling tears streamed her face. They all encouraged me to do so. Oh if you only knew what they do! Now the mother of the cousin was like a cat fighting to protect her daughter. She told lies and spun tales anything to avert attention from her daughter.

Ranting and raving she screamed:
The eldest has love affairs with princes! Secretly during the black of the night, sneaks them in oh so quietly in her fathers home, to love and hold and be loved! And the twins meet with boys in mix- parties and dress shamelessly. Oh but I am not done yet!! For their mother the root of all evil has taken under her wing the love of the younger man and commits adultery right under her husbands nose!! They have all confessed this to my daughter! And the mother is a tart from the beginning all along!

Now the father of the sisters knows his daughters well. His beloved wife is his soul-mate and mother of his children. Never would she commit such nonsense.


Quickly he left the house before commiting an action he will regret later. With heated passion he drove in the night.

In his wife's arms was he able to find solitude and peace. In his wife's arms was he able to relieve himself of such terrible feelings. In her sweet embrace was he able to calm down. In her flooding tears that trickled his neck was he able to feel regret and selfishness to have put such a burden of lies in her dear chest.

He felt rage that such talk had been said about the purest people he has known. He felt his and his family's honor had been trampled on in the filthy mud of Lies.

Days passed and almost all the relatives were appalled and disgusted that such had occurred. Almost all of the relatives sided by the sisters and their family. Yet two persons choose to believe otherwise.

Weeks have now passed, and numerous emails and phone calls have been made to the sisters and their mother, from both the cousin and her mother. Begging forgiveness and claiming that they were not responsible for what had been said. They claimed that their father/ husband had been the one to spin such a tale of lies and they were defending the "poor innocent girls".

Not a blink or whisper, nor a look or care. The sisters live happily still among their loving parents and the bond has been built stronger, sparkled by loving fairy dust and bonded by diamonds, their family ties will remain intact forever.

It would be a lie to say they lived happily ever after, for hardships they have endured aplenty. But do not fail to understand their love for one another and their willingness to endure togather.

What comes around goes around.

In the land of pink and love, all will be forgiven but not forgotten.

*Based on a true Story*

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Mishaps, misshapes and whatever you wanna freakin call it!

I'm in Riyadh! I'm in Riyadh! I'm in Riyadh!
*note the enthusiastic yet somewhat sarcastic tone… exasperated SIGH*

Why the negative attitude Noor, Shut up Anwar, Bss Ya um Siraj Blah Blah. Why am I feeling this way you might ask?
After a never ending battle with Saudi Airlines and their "special" kind of service that turned a 7 hour flight to a 13 hour nightmare, I finally made it FINALLY, with a limp arm, exhausted child and a pissed off temper.

Ma sarat 9ara7tan, aish al7ikaya ya hoo. Tib'3oo ta3rafu aho 7a a7akeykum heya:

Listen and learn, listen and learn:

"When traveling with children one must prepare beforehand and assume the worst given the nature of children's uncertain behavior" Noor N.

You should listen to the wise, so when Noor has something to say listen and practice!

Back to the flanbinga that both poor Sarooji and I endured, the eywie w3 flight from Swiss allllll the way to Riyadh:

Here we go, in detail ever single lil smujam:

If you had read my earlier post, then you would know how concerned I was about flying first class, I dreaded the idea, totally. It is just not possible with a toddler, mashalla a hyper-active 1 and 7 month year old for that matter. My prayers were answered and I was changed to Business class which was not so bad given the fact that there was another 2 year old and her mother sitting behind us.
The first 2 hours of the flight Siraj kept crying NON-STOP, kicking, screaming and let us not forget the MAMAAAAAAA shouting part. I was seriously close to a nervous breakdown. Every half hour or so I would go to the bathroom and cry cry CRY, just cry my heart out, there was nothing I could do to make him stop; let me rephrase that there was nothing I had not done that would make him stop crying . After the two hour torture that I do not want to relive again, the sweet adorable, mostly Hijazi people and some Swiss started playing with him. And even the flight attendants spoiled him with candy, ice cream and loads of sugared goodies. Huge NO NO. Why? Because it left our little munchkin even more hyper then before and me more teary than ever. Why? Because he ran back and fourth from first all the way to couch and back again. And everyone kept trying to catch him and feel his glorious light golden brown hair. 12 times I have been asked whether he was a boy or girl, and a gorgeous family told me he was so handsome to the extent it was pretty. "A compliment for sure"

After the 5 hour fiasco, I actually came out with something. Again I look to young to be a mother so people thought he was my brother. Every single person on that flight was unbelievably nice and tolerated Siraj's raging screaming, hence they were rewarded with a toothy smile and if lucky a hug. It was an experience for sure.

This post took me three days to complete, a first for sure. Beacause I'm in a never ending battle with my siblings over who uses the net, and there is no such thing as your oldest sister first!
Soooo That little post is just part of what happened during Nov, 11 2005 , the flight. Hopefully I'll TRY to post a.s.a.p. the rest of the story.


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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Saudi here I COME!!

Guess what, guess what, guess what????

TOMORROW I'm going to Riyadh :D
Finally ya5eey, I swear I can't wait!

In the process of of getting ready I discovered 3 things:

1- I have sooo many clothes it's ridiculous, I couldn't believe it, I mean since when? I'm hooked on 5 different outfits always, and all of a sudden I stood in front of 3 huge suitcases filled with clothes I don't need. Al7amdella its going to the masjid, but still I felt really bad that I had tons of clothes that I haven't even worn yet.

2- This is the first time I'll be flying on Saudi Airlines without M7md, usually it's Swiss airlines which totally rock and no transit straight to Riyadh. The differnce this time is :
a- M7MD can't take me to the airport he has a final exam the same time we are supposed to go to the airport.
b- I'll be in first class which is usaully nice "if your alone and do not have a hyper active toddler that will jump, eat and scream at the top of his lungs at anything,,, did I forget to mention Lick, yes he licks pretty people, they look yummy to him. I prefer coach why? Because it's filled with tiny screaming children, I won't look wierd
c- I'm taking a transit plane, from Geneva to Jeddah (we stop there for an hour, I think we have to do our passport thingies there) and than the hour and something ride to Riyadh.

3- I have overstayed my visit in Switzerland! *gasp, shock and teary eyed*
They don't issue permits to wives of students or their children, so I ended up with the most lenient visa there is, a six months a year stay as long as every 3 months I "visit" somewhere else. They are soo strict which leads me to horrific pictures of me being handcuffed and taken to a tiny room and probed with all these questions and looks, and habibi Sarooji being with me.
Don't get me started, I'll cry. Both my father and husband keep laughing at my so called "fantasies" while my dear mother is more frightened than I am :"(
God be with me I'm so freaking out about this, but you know why???
Because in a month I won't be able to attend Ba3ley's Graduation which will scar me for life, forevely ever and enternity too.

4- But worst of all; my daddy won't be there he is away on business :((

After writing this I don't feel so great :(

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


1. Your are is never a factor in a job interview.
2. Your orgasms are real. Always!
3. Your last name stays put.
4. The garage is all yours.
5. Wedding plans take care of themselves.
6. You never feel compelled to stop a friend from getting laid.
7. Car mechanics tell you the truth.
8. You don't give a monkeys arse if someone notices your new haircut.
9. Hot wax never comes near your pubes.
10. Same work .. more pay.
11. Wrinkles-add character.
12. You don't have to leave the room to make emergency crotch adjustments.
13. Wedding Dress 2000; Tux Hire 100.
14. If you retain water, it's in a canteen.
15. People never glance at your chest when you're talking to them.
16. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet.
17. One mood, ALL the damn time.
18. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds.
19. A five-day holiday requires only one suitcase.
20. You can open all your own jars.
21. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.
22. Your underwear is 5 for a three-pack.
23. If you are 34 and single, nobody notices.
24. You can quietly enjoy a car ride from the passenger seat.
25. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.
26. You can quietly watch a football game with your friends for hours without ever thinking "He must be mad at me."
27. No maxi-pads.
28. If another guy shows up at the party in the same outfit, you just might become lifelong friends.
29. You are not expected to know the names of more than five colours.
30.. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut or a bolt.
31. You are unable to see wrinkles in clothes.
32. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.
33. Your belly usually hides your big hips.
34. One wallet and one pair of shoes, one colour, all seasons.
35. You can "do" your nails with a penknife.
36. Christmas shopping is accomplished for 25 relatives, on December 24th, in minutes.
37. The world is your urinal.

It's true men ARE so damn cool,,, but I'm afraid women rock the boat on everything.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

I've been reincarnated as Beyonce,M Monroe and Tooha?!

Be advised, Be warned, Be SCARED:
Sensitive readers please refrain from reading this post, many of the contents include adult behaviour and just plain weirdness. We'll see ya in the next post sweetie caio caio,,,

I have three individuals inside of me each trying to take power. Two of them might still be alive, but hey hum a7rar they want to take over my body, ahlan wa sahlan.

Aside from the never ending stress that we've been going through and unbelievable messed up feelings that have been concurring my poor lil pinkie soul. I've decided to call the spirits of the world to COME TO ME, take over this useless person, for the time being of course no more.

To my Surprise hundreds of spirits came knocking at the door of my soul; we want thee, they claimed. We answered thy call, now let us in, LET US IN.... Let us relieve thee of thy excess feelings,,, we will be thys servants, LET US IN,,

By now I became a little squirmy, thinking maybe, just maybe this wasn't such a hot idea. But the pressure applied to my body and the pushing and the relentless bitching of them outside, made me think fast and succumb to their pestering.

WAIT! How many of you are there?
598 replied tinkerbell, yes my darlings even tinkerbell was at our little gathering.
*Nirvana's rape me was playing in the background when all of a sudden Bush kept whining for Britney Spears*
Askot inta wa harjak al fadeey ya dob,,,rapped tupac "It turns out that he was always Saudi and makkawey ba3ad,,, go figure" ---tara I always knew---but you people just don't listen---
Tutu we don't bicker in front of the gates of my soul ma hayk? Good boy,,, now kick his white butt somewhere else.

Line up people and let me pick which one of you are worthy... muhhahaahahah? I mean yalla yalla bss:
elvis -no-, enrique- hell NO-, Hitler- maybe-, santa-yay but no-, eghhhh


As the pile of clingy things started to drift away, three shadows stood in the dark *charlies angels theme please* and oh how they shone in the darkness. And bada bing badaboom I found myself as an african american with white hair red lipstick and singing in weddings?!

Beyonce, Marylin Monroe and the beloved hijazi wedding singer Tooha, have been revived in me,,,, yaaaay,, but the struggle has been hard and they all want power, yet who will come out of this as the winner??

So now I'm stuck between singing:
naughty girl
happy birthday Mr. president *note the sexy tone*
asharley bil mandeel ya hoo fostaney ko7ley o 6aweel ya hoo,,,,

Scratching and bitting, it was a girl fight to the end,,, but I think we all know that 7ujuz don't take nothing from no one, even if they were 60 years old they still kick ass. So too7as everlasting huge spirit force rocked


A dedication to my reincarnated sista mash and her young Elizabth Taylors soul you inspired me on this lil put togather :X I LOVE U GURL:X,,,, and to my beloved twinings tea ,,,, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

Knock yourself out; listen to some of too7as songs HERE.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

3eed Sa3eed

كل عام و أنتم بخير يا حلوين

Siraj and his family would like to wish you a MERRY,HAPPY FILLED WITH LUV EID :D

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Magical Time in Madina

I loved this article by; Mahmoud Ahmad, Arabnews. It captured the essence of Ramadan fey madinat al-7abeeb (9ala Allahu 3alahi Wa Salam).

During the last 10 days of Ramadan, the Prophet’s Mosque gets very crowded with worshippers praying Taraweeh prayers and Tahajjud. Worshippers of all ages from all over the world gather in one beautiful scene unique to Madinah and Ramadan. Even the old don’t miss the chance to pray at the holy mosque. The sight of young sons and daughters accompanying their fathers and mothers, sometimes in wheelchairs, completes this beautiful scene. All facilities are available around the holy mosque.

Young Scouts spread out everywhere to assist pilgrims. As young as 15, they direct traffic and give great help to police. They carry wheelchairs to transport the elderly and handicapped to and from the mosque. What is even more heartwarming is that they do it with big smiles on their face and take pride in helping visitors and pilgrims.

Inside the mosque, everyone is busy praying and reading the Qur’an. The place is a beehive of activity. A visitor hears many languages, but visitors hear one familiar, unifying sound — the sound and the language of Qur’an.

On the roof of the Prophet’s Mosque, many visitors prefer to stay and enjoy the open space and the site of the tall lit minarets and the green dome while praying.
“I have a strange, comfortable feeling in my heart that I only feel when I am in Madinah,” said Al-Tayeb Murtada, a Sudanese pilgrim who’s visited Madinah seven times for the last days of Ramadan in the last decade.
“I pray all prayers in the mosque, and I make sure that I don’t miss any. There’s an internal happiness inside my heart. There is no place like Madinah, and there is no place like the Prophet’s Mosque.”

Those who weren’t praying or reading the Qur’an were simply enjoying the pleasant breeze on the rooftop and taking time to rest. On the roof of the holy mosque, I caught a group of Malaysian visitors with their unique national uniform emblazoned with their country’s flag.
“Now that I know what this feeling is like, I will make sure not to miss spending the last 10 days here in Madinah and close to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,” said 41-year-old Shamsulldin, a first-time pilgrim. “The mosque is crowded, but I don’t feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I get tears in my eyes because when I go home I will miss being here with my brothers.”

The site of unified Muslims standing in one line and praying toward one direction is beautiful to many. It is in these lines that Muslims forget about political and social differences. Their united prayer is to protect Islam and to make things better in the Muslim World.

On the lower level, the site is no different. People performing Etikaf — spending the 10 days in Ramadan inside the holy mosque praying — are forming their own relationships with people from different countries who happened to perform Etikaf. They share food, drinks and a place to rest.

“Etikaf is a perfect chance for Muslims to disconnect from the rest of the world and devote their time to worship God,” said Abdul Razzak Taha, an Egyptian visitor. “The most important thing is to win the rewards of the Night of Power or Laylat Al-Qadr. Food comes to us inside the mosque, and it is available everywhere. Bathrooms are available outside the mosque, and I do get regular visits from my family. I can go outside if I want but only for urgent needs. But the most important thing is not to leave the mosque until the last night is over. It’s a feeling that I cannot describe. My relationship with God is strengthened even more. I pray to God everyday to accept my fasting and my deeds during the holy month.”

I left Abdul Razzak only to find that there are thousands inside the holy mosque that are performing Etikaf. From all over the world, they came to Madinah for only one purpose.
Outside the squares of the holy mosque, visitors were gathering at the Prophet’s grave from the south side praying for the Prophet, peace be upon him. Some let their tears go, and some cry in silence because this is as far they could get close to the “Seal of All Prophets”.

Those who were praying, were praying, and those who were not were simply looking at the structure of the Prophet’s Mosque — a site many people admire that they cannot describe and prefer to watch in silence. The days of Ramadan are almost over, some people already are praying to God to live to see Ramadan next year. In many places and for many people Ramadan may be just another month, but in Madinah, there is no other month so special.

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"Women are supposed to be LOVED not UNDERSTOOD"
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