Friday, January 20, 2006

Busy la Continue

I'm leaving for Jeddah today. Tomorrow I have exams. And after that I have to move all our stuff to wherever God takes us,and find a suitable "school daycare for Siraj" One that will consist of education and play, rather then just a waste of time in a building with lots of children. And I'm picky when it comes to Sarooji. Besides that both me and my husband agreed that we want him to speak 5 langueges fluently; (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Hebrew) .

So later peeps, yes I'm still that freaking busy, even more so, if I do say so myself,,, ugh.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Whatever shmever and not shumacher

Busy. Studying. Busy. Getting ready. Busy. Looking for perfect white pretty high heeled cute shoes. Busy. Bitching. Busy. Loving. Busy. Being. Busy. Thinking. Busy. Worrying. Busy. Hoping. Busy. Searching. Busy. Confining. Busy. Redeeming. Busy. Waiting. Busy. Dreaming. Busy. Exercising. Busy. Vaining. Busy. Raising. Busy. contemplating... Freaking Busy....

Pet Peeves of the moment:
- Who lied to you people and told you I was Shami or Jawey or Russian or Bukhari or whatever freaking thing pops up your mind the moment you take glance at me??? I'm Saudi, hajanjaz, I'm not entitled to look Arab. That's the beauty of being "tarsh bahar, as many mean people may put it". So HA,

- I'm tired of being mistaken for a flimsy teenager; I'M FREAKING 20 20 20!!!! Look at me 20. Yes, I'm talking to you lady. The nurse at my ehm Dr. Aboodi, I visited you a 10000 times and every time we end up with same discussion, yes sweetie I got married at 17, and *shock, gasp* I wasn't forced either, nor was he a former lover!!! ya5eeeey

- Yes, I have a child! Yes, I look like a child! Do the math puberty hit me when I was 12, if I got married by then I'd have an 8 year old son! So why is having a near 2 year old son impossible for people to comprehend???

- OK, I'm guilty of lying to the grocery guy and pretending that Abdulaziz my 12 year old brother is also my son. I thought it would be fun. And the look on his face was priceless. But being interrogated with questions aint so cute.

- How am I supposed to explain to Siraj that hitting and kicking is NOT a form of communication? It's basically his whole vocabulary! He kicks and punches you till you either cry or give up your oreo. I have a tough little fighter and he's starting to scare me.

On a happer note:
"The only virgin goddess of love and love making" The compliment of the year! May I add your not allowed to understand this nor comment either. Boo ya.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006


We are the only ones that know. YOU AND ME. US.
Between dreams and horrific reality, your warmth is my only comfort.
You understand but deny it? Why? Take it as it comes.
Take a deep breath baby, inhale the luscious scent of victory.
Oragasmic vibes state through your mind and soul, leaving you with a teary illusion.
Be one with the pain, envelop in your own agony.
Stop pushing away. Whoever sad sanity was fun? Put on your happy face and lets live the fabulous lie. What we do is between me & you. Do you still want it?
can you still take it? Does it hurt as much as it looks?
I fear for your feelings but know you to be a man. Breakdown once and I'll break down forever. Don't do that to me.
Am I not your princess?
The tiny pulse in your vain that drives you insane?
Your much needed sedative night and day.
Your precise perceptive scares me, so young so wise.
Magically seducing the world with your eyes, hypnotizing with your voice.
You connect with everyone on their level. You were meant to reign and I beside you as your Queen.
Only you my Love, sees my insanity as stability.
You find it endearing and I find you scrumcious.
Sooner much more then later, you will be dragged into my world.
With arms wide open and a precious smile I welcome thee.

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"Women are supposed to be LOVED not UNDERSTOOD"
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