Monday, February 13, 2006


~ Fara7 shokran. Friday was the SHiyt. I felt special. It was as if I were Paris Hilton on her b-day. Wearing a real diamond tiara, and people checking out my tussie. It was that great! I loved it all.

~I don't feel like blogging very much but Blah. Take note of the deep inhale-exhale. I'm not busy but utterly bored to doodles. I mean noodles. No No wait Indomie. Chicken flavored in all the right places. Aywaah ya 3am, hatley al-foul ya 3am.

~ I can't stop saying ya wad. I said it to Babaty by accident and felt a humongus contraction of pain bolt to my stomach to my legs. I had to pretend a faint so he would forget all about it. But mama splashed me with her; always at hand, glass of iced water, and then I was like; ya bt. And ended up in my room. My daddy thought it was funny, but my mama thinks I need i3adat tarbeya. Eh Whatever.

~ Why do I feel like I'm 50 freaking years old? I keep calling 30 year old men ya waldy. I sure hope it's a phase, because the looks I'm getting are umm kinda scary my dear son.

~ Men, Men, Men!!! Enough said! Or Zojey, Zojey, Zojey!!!

~Ya nas Barkuley!!! I finally got my Identification Card! Za'3roo6 ya hoo! And I'm smiling in it kaman! (They don't allow women to smile in those cards, it's proven to be insanely tempting *shocker* yet make-up is prohibited). All I can say is, I'm charming, even if my picture looked like crap.

~ "A moment in the lips forever in the hips." Ah the beauty of big curvacious.

~Tomorrow something momentous will happen. And if it does I will tell you (shoo'3ul buzura 3arfa) But if it doesn't oh what the hay, I'll still tell you anyways. Because we are Best Friends and Best Friends never keep secrets from each other! (Now Dish up). Anyhoo It'll take place tomorrow but the decision or the "thingie" won't be finalized until next week. Or maybe after tomorrow. I hope so at least. I am pretty sure to say at the most. I'll bet it on my mama's Kick-Ass Jaweey food that it'll occur during the days mentioned earlier. O 3ad mafey akram mn Rab Al-3lameen.

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"Women are supposed to be LOVED not UNDERSTOOD"
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