Friday, March 31, 2006

What's happening to the world today?

Anywhere and everywhere there are corrupted souls.
But haven't people nowadays gotten ever more so rotten?
No longer are there the sweet souls that bare innocent thoughts.
Everyone tries to out win the other and crush them with their mighty feet.
What happened to the times when you wished the same happiness for others as yourself?
Why the hate? Why the jealousy? Why the uncalled for actions?
Muslims, Jews, Christians all interwined into one web of lies.
The media playing out a little play strung of a web of complete lies.
The passionate actors so happily foretell the guided story oh so well.
So devoutly well, that we the people turn against each other.
No longer is it against other races and religions, but against ourselves as well.
Muslim against Muslim. Father against daughter. Husband against wife.
Lies, hatred and betrayal.
Dishonesty, black hearts and denial.
Minds brainwashed to the extent of no return.
Never let hatred consume you.
Be stronger than that.
Wish the best, hope the best.
Love others as you would yourself.
Never has a good deed gone to waste.
Be the better person.
Do the good deed.

posted by Noor on 11:03 PM


"Women are supposed to be LOVED not UNDERSTOOD"
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