Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oops I gone done it again, and again and again

Awww yall I haven't seen you guys in quite a while.

(Mmm Hmm you tell 'em girl.
Now listen up, ka ka.
3aib ya wad i7na fozna 3aliahum 2 9ifir.
na un they won.
SHut up ho, we won.
No we did not.
Yes we did and you know what?
Yo mama.
Mmmm hmm .
God Lord you had that comin on.)

Shut up Brain let me talk.

Yes where were we. oh yeah, I am depressed people. Honestly, like to good ole sparkles depressed. The blogsphere has lost its class, well it's been lowered to a very depressing state, I can tell yall that. People have no morals, they think they are all RIGHT. And to make things worse most think its cool, (1994 cool, sweet cakes being a total slut wont give u extra points, honey bun proving your masculinity by being something other then yourself won't get you the sluts, wait yes it will,,, continue continue)

I don't know what most are trying to prove other then they are totally worthless pieces of smudgy ecky hershey kisses that no one wants and end up under my baby brothers sneakers.
But do carry on. You seem to have an audience. And they seem to be enjoying it. And I love laughing at those hysterical individuals who think they got it on, when in reality my 2 year old has way better sense then all 15 put together, ouch, that was worse then a yo mama)

But if I may speak for us conservative folks that love our religion TO DEATH, then have a little tiny ounce of modesty and think twice before you type. Because that tiny little angel on your left shoulder is dotting down every single thing you say and do. (Still jotting)

(a very mean thing was supposed to be written here, but -censorship- does wonders to -censored)

All I'm saying you people is think twice before ranting, because that's all it is , raves.

posted by Noor on 10:30 PM


"Women are supposed to be LOVED not UNDERSTOOD"
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